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TallyPrime on Cloud refers to hosting TallyPrime business management software on the cloud. Tally Cloud services allow businesses to access and manage TallyPrime without the limitation of device or location. Our managed Tally Cloud solutions enable secure access to business data, robust backup solutions, and many more benefits.

Features Of Absolute’s Tally On Cloud Services

As a leading Tally on Cloud service provider, Absolute Cloud offers exciting features that cater to businesses who want to host their TallyPrime on Cloud using our patent Six Sigma architecture:

1. Nearly 100% Uptime

Absolute’s Cloud servers are engineered to provide nearly 100% uptime by implementing automatic failover among 5+ internet providers. We ensure uninterrupted access to your business data without the hassle of server downtime.

2. Daily Snapshots And Backup

We offer daily snapshots and versioned backups to protect your valuable and sensitive data against corruption, disasters, and unforeseen malware attacks. We also back up your Tally data on an hourly basis with a recycle period of 30 days.

3. Seamless Application Access & Printing

Our cloud servers for tally use TSPlus application publishing to prevent the unauthorised access of certain Tally data that you chose not to show in the public domain. We use TSprint and other tools for effective and seamless printing of your Tally data.

4. Instant And Quick Tech Support

You are backed by our dedicated relations manager and our experienced technical support team. We are bound to give our customers personalised and instant support, around the clock.

5. Secure Environment

We provide tally prime cloud services in India that are backed with a top-rated antivirus solution, ‘Trend Micro Smart Apex One Suite’. Our data security solution uses AI/ML and cloud tech to protect your valuable and sensitive business Tally data from ransomware and various other malware attacks.

Experience seamless accounting with Tally Cloud Services. Elevate your financial management effortlessly

Benefits Of Choosing Absolute’s Tally On Cloud Solutions

  • Access Business Data Anywhere, Securely: Absolute’s Tally Cloud services enable businesses to securely access their data from any location and at any time. We provide excellent security measures to protect your valuable data from unauthorised access or potential threats.
  • Scalability: We empower businesses to adjust their cloud resources according to their evolving needs. You can easily manage users, storage capacity, and processing speed as required.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: Enjoy round-the-clock access to your data from any device with our nearly 100% uptime-providing servers.
  • Low Maintenance: Our Tally on Cloud service eliminates the need to invest in and maintain hardware and software configurations for TallyPrime operations. Opting for Tally On Cloud significantly reduces costs associated with hardware procurement and maintenance.

Automated Data Backup and Recovery: Our Tally Cloud solutions offer automatic data backup and recovery capabilities with enterprise cloud backup solutions. It is designed to minimise the risk of data loss and enhance your overall security.

Integration And Supports

1. Simplified Implementation & Integration

Our simplified and quick TallyPrime cloud integration ensures the smooth relocation of financial data to the cloud. Our dedicated experts understand that every business need is unique and they are trained enough to relocate your sensitive data securely and smoothly.

2. India-Based Support

We, as a leading tally prime cloud service in India, offer an India-based support system that caters to our Indian customers. We designed our support system in such a way that we can connect with our valuable consumers without the language barrier. You can rest assured of changing consent as we regularly update your software based on the latest statutory changes in India.

3. Flexible Pricing Structure

We offer flexible prices for Tally Prime on the cloud as we believe in adaptable solutions tailored to your specific needs. We are eager to provide value for your money and deliver the plan that perfectly suits your business requirements.

We, Absolute Cloud, a leading Cloud service provider in India, have 25+ years of experience in Tally on Cloud integration. If you are keen to take your financial data to the cloud, contact us today and let us take care of your Tally on Cloud need.

Also contact us, if you are looking for someone who specialises in white labelling and enabling accounting software such as Busy, Marg, Spectrum, and Profit on the cloud.

FAQs On Tally Cloud Services

1. Is Tally on Cloud's TDLs supported?

Yes, Tally on Cloud supports all the TDLs. However, it is essential to verify your TDLs before using TallyPrime on the cloud.

2. On my Tally Cloud Server, can I store other data?

Yes, you can store your other data on virtual private or dedicated servers. A shared server doesn't provide a facility to store your personal or other data.

3. Is it possible to run Tally on my private cloud?

Yes, you can run Tally on your private cloud infrastructure, providing control, scalability, data security, and compliance, along with seamless integration with other IT systems.

4. How to Use Tally On Cloud To Boost Your Business?

You have to choose the right cloud service provider to get the complete benefit of using Tally on the cloud. Integrating Tally on the Cloud helps to streamline financial processes like accounting, payments, and inventory management. 

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