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Dedicated Servers hosting in India
Step into the future of web hosting with Absolute Cloud’s dedicated server hosting in India. Enjoy the superior loading speed and security features for your websites and web applications. Our dedicated servers in India are tailored to help businesses reach their potential, regardless of the organisation’s size.
Whether you are a start-up looking to scale rapidly and sustainably or an enterprise looking to streamline your daily operations, our dedicated servers are for everyone. Our dedicated servers in India let you run software tools like CWP Pro, Plesk & C Panel, Mobile Application NGINX/PHP, Tomcat, Streaming Video & CDN servers, with ease.

Why Migrate To A Cloud Dedicated Server In India?

  • Loading Speed: All the resources in a dedicated server are used by your website/web applications alone. This means your website and applications will load faster, giving it an edge over other websites and applications on shared hosting. 
  • Security: Unlike public servers, only you can log into a dedicated server, significantly lowering the risk of data loss, infiltration, and interception. Additionally, you can install and update the security protocols as you see fit.
  • Scalability: Dedicated servers can be customised according to your business’s needs. You can add extra RAM, and disk space, upgrade the software, and customise its resource distribution as you see fit. Hence, Dedicated servers are perfect for companies that are experiencing rapid growth.
  • Uptime: The resources in shared hosting servers are spread thin across several clients, leading to frequent downtime. On the other hand, a VPS dedicated server hosting in India only caters to your website or application, reducing the likelihood of downtime.
  • Value For Money: Even though dedicated servers have a higher initial cost than public servers, they offer far better value for their cost. Dedicated servers offer way more resources and freedom than public servers, for every rupee you invest. Additionally, if you choose Absolute Cloud for your cloud computing solutions, we take care of the server’s maintenance and repairs for you. 

Upgrade to dedicated servers now for unparalleled performance and security. Elevate your online presence!

Why Choose Absolute Cloud As Your Dedicated Server Provider?

If you are looking for reliable dedicated servers for hosting at affordable prices, Absolute Cloud is here for you! With over 25 years in the industry, Absolute Cloud has the experience and the expertise required to offer IT and cloud computing solutions for your business. We also help you migrate your data to our dedicated cloud servers seamlessly, without hindering your operations. 

We also offer additional cloud computing services like Tally cloud services, dedicated application servers, and enterprise cloud backup solutions in India. Our mission is to be a one-stop solution for all your cloud computing needs. Contact us today to take your business to the future with the capabilities of dedicated server hosting in India.

FAQs On Dedicated Server Hosting in India

1. What Are The Advantages If I Choose Absolute Cloud?
Absolute Cloud’s Six Sigma Architecture ensures you get the best security, frequent backups, instant tech support, and much more. We offer cutting-edge technology, IT expertise, and 25+ years of experience, giving you an edge over your competitors.
2. Can Absolute Cloud’s Dedicated Servers Host Multiple Applications?
Of course, you can host multiple web applications according to your business needs on our dedicated servers. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we provide you to choose your server’s resource distribution according to your business needs.
3. Do Indian Dedicated Servers Offer Protection From All Cyberattacks?

Yes, you can run Tally on your private cloud infrastructure, providing control, scalability, data security, and compliance, along with seamless integration with other IT systems.

4. What Businesses Does The Dedicated Server Hosting Suit?

You have to choose the right cloud service provider to get the complete benefit of using Tally on the cloud. Integrating Tally on the Cloud helps to streamline financial processes like accounting, payments, and inventory management. 

5. What Is The Average Cost Of A Dedicated Server In India?

The cost of a dedicated server in India is largely dependent on the hosting package that you choose. Absolute Cloud offers several hosting packages tailored to the unique needs of every business size. If you would like to inquire about the cost of hosting on dedicated servers, feel free to contact us.

6. Which Operating Systems Are Available With Dedicated Servers In India?

You can use dedicated servers in a vast range of operating systems including Linux, Fedora, Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS 6 & 7, Oracle, and many more.

7. Do I Have Full Control Over My Dedicated Server Provided By Absolute Cloud?

You are completely free to customise and configure your dedicated server provided by Absolute Cloud according to your business requirements. We offer you complete root access and administrative control of the server. You can access all commands and files and gain full control of resources.

8. Can I Customise My Own Configuration?

Along with full control over your dedicated server, we also allow you to customize your configuration. We provide pre-configured dedicated servers, but they can be configured according to your business requirements by our technical team or you can customise them by your in-house team. 

9. What Security Features Are Included In Your Dedicated Server Hosting Plans?

Our dedicated server hosting plans include uncompromising security features like DDoS, DNS Tunnelling, SQL Injection Attacks, Phishing Attacks, Password Attack protection features, high-end firewalls, SSL certificates, and in-built IDS.

10. How Do You Monitor And Maintain A Dedicated Server’s Performance?
Absolute Cloud is known for its near 100% uptime and swift responses. We achieve this by implementing the best monitoring and maintenance practices like regular checks on uptime, logs, and updates and keeping tabs on performance and productivity.
11. Is My Data Secure At Your Data Center?
We are dedicated to ensuring your data is completely safe and secure with us in every condition. We have precautions and provisions for every scenario from cyber attacks to data deletion and corruption.

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