People-Friendly backup for enterprise.
The most flexible,reliable and secure backup sloution for enterprises


Flexible Solutions include instant cloud-based disaster recovery ,secure private cloud backup, or hybrid deployments for the best of both.


User get easy access to backed up file from any computer or mobile device.Enterprise IT gets a single product solution that's easy-to-manage.


Engage our backup experts to deploy on-time and on-budget,or for traning,best practises, needs assessments and resources for custom projects

The best backup solution offers onsite backup for fast restore and offsite backup for disaster recovery.only Crashplan Proe make it easy to back up data to multiple location to provide the highest level of avaliablity, convenience and proctection.

An easy to use desktop that's also easy on the eyes means end-user can restore their files without any training or assistance from IT.Highly flexible,Fine-grained controls enable users to adjust backup settings themselves.

One solutions across all operating systems means less time,less cost and fewer resources needed to purchase, learn,support and maintain your backup software.It also mean that no computer,no department is unprotected.
  Real-time Reporting

CrashPlan PROe allows you to view backup status and statistics in real-time. No waiting for reports to run... you get live data as it happens rolled up for the entire enterprise, or easily drill-down to individual users and devices.
Data Balancing

Revolutionary balancing technology does the heavy lifting when it comes to managing enterprise backup. CrashPlan PROe automatically distributes available storage equally among your servers, saving you time, effort and headache.
Mobile Access

You don't have to wait to lose a file to appreciate the benefits of backing up with CrashPlan PROe. With the CrashPlan PROe mobile app, backed up files are available to download, view and share from your favorite device.